coffee spot / 3 / date spot

Minami-aoyama is such a cool place these days! We was really impressed two weeks ago when we figured out this is new area for us in Tokyo, What?!, when we leaved Tokyo 3 or something years ago it wasnt so full of expensive shops and so on, we just use to searching around Omotesando to Harajuku stations. To be honest we found “Blue bottle” only exactly 2 weeks ago! Such a nice and very-very-very american place. Anyway, coffee is good. Point. Location is good. Point. And new for me. Point. Perfect for autumn! There is terrace outside and Japanese maple in front, so you can touch a leaf if you want. I waiting for real autumn to give it a try. Cafe located on the second floor, so heavy stroller may be a problem, but we never use heavy one in Tokyo. I’m ready to bring Kolya.




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