Korean beauty

It took a 3 chocolate chip cookie for me to start my review! Here is so many beauty bloggers around the globe, and few of them I really addict, but, you know what?, Im ready to start anyway)).
While we was at Seoul I grabbed:

Missha “Signature real complete blending primer”,

Missha “The style fitting wear foundation SPF 30 / PA++”,

Missha “Volume brightening concealer SPF 30 / PA++”,

Missha “Glam art rouge” lipstick in shade SCR 309,

Espoir lipstick in shade PP702 “Ingnite”


VDL lipstick in shade 605 “Austin”.

I love everything!

Missha is well known abroad, so I just grabbed everything catched my eyes. Primer smells like Missha, believe me, but I like how light weight it is and not too shiny also. Foundation stays long, you can build it from very sheer to full coverage (amazing!). Concealer never crease, and my sunrays-like wrinkles around my eyes is just fine with this stuff, I really love it, good for blemish as well. Lipstick is nice, moisture, not long wear one, color is opaque.

After that Missha experience, I expected Im all done, but, surprisingly I found two more nice shops around and grabbed 2 more lipsticks. Espoir and VDL both make excellent dupe of let me say Mac or Nars lipsticks. These companies is not about “100% asian look”, but really trying hard doing cosmetics for western-like asian girls. Also VLD make nice facial exfoliant and lightweight face cream. But my Espoir lipstick I like most, it is stay long, not dry my lips much. About VDL lipstick I cant say the same, but I like it more than Maybelline for the same price. And packaging is very chic also.


Update after 2 month of using:
Concealer is great for under eyes, will buy it again. For spots I think I better use another one.
Foundation becoming whiter and whiter day by day, so sad, I like finish so much. Save it for spring and we’ll see maybe warm weather will help formula stay in normal color.





Foundation is on the top, then concealer and base. Purple lipstick is Espoir, bright orange is VDL and “old-orange”)) is Missha.




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