coffee spot / 6

I love whole Futako-tamagawa experience – place is close to our home enough, it is convenient for me get there, Kolya loves it, in summer there is a very cool splash pad running, I love playgrounds around, they are so well made, love how shopping center looks itself, love park near by, love how easy I can switch from glamorous shop center to old school Tama river, since Rakuten company moved there, there is a lot of foreigners hanging out around (Im not shure I like it, but maybe I do). But one thing, let me tell you, is awful – lines. You have to line everywhere you may want to eat or have you coffee, yep. Except, maybe, “secret Starbucks” and … Good Meals Shop. I dont know whats going on, but its allways easy to seat and take a rest surrounded by greens, take you coffee, take a popsicle, very california style one, we love them, all that in Good Meals Shop. Why? Because it’s pricey (no, its not so)? Because it is a part of shop (whats the problem?)? because you cant order lunch (you can order a small one)? I dont know))). And I dont care, I love this place. I dont know how much it is kids frendly, but it works for me and Kolya. Coffee also good, but huge). Im carving some well roasted, strong coffee this days, so Im extra happy about this place now. I also think (how unique)), strong coffee is for winter and light roasted is great for summer. Side note: for welcoming winter, I worn sleeveless dress and sandals today, cos it was 24 C. Wellcome!







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