Inokashira zoo / green / 3

I hide myself from zoo, I’m not a zoo type of girl. But one day I passed zoo sign near Kichijoji and asked my husb about it, and his respond was “it’s very small one, i even not sure where entrance is.” So I was like “right, I gonna love it!”. So we visited last week.

Small zoo have it own charm, and actually I only visited two petit zoos in my life and love the experience.
Inokashira zoo have two different parts – smallest keeps ducks, domestic birds and little aquarium. I think we spent most of the time there- inside is an open aquarium and you can feed fish, you can see different frogs, diving bell spiders, tritons and little guys like them.
Another part suits for active babies – there is Guinea pig area where you can hold one on your lap and enjoy, there is also elephant, little amusement park, playground. Food stand surprised me with nice bento and good (but cold) sandwich. Also biggest part feels quite big, we even not finish explore there.
But I think we revisit soon. Entrance fee is around 400 yen for adult, kids free, opening hours is from 9:30 am (!) to 5:00 pm, it’s so nice and clean there, I really want to go again.


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