Me and my husb visited Undercover 25 year retrospective exhibition last weekend.

We’re not often choose art gallery as a date spot (not brave enough), but I can highly recommend it –

you and your date explore something together,

you will feel good (you, artistry lady, you) because you can lead / or opposite (!!!) your never know,

it’s not a movie – you choose how long you stay,

you will talk about it all night long,

you will see your date in completely new eyes (maybe!).

But back to topic! I keep loving japanese fashion since school. And also I ready to forgive fashion a lot, I love it deeply, I said that. Undercover is turn 25! I’m turn 26, by the way!
Good thing about this brand is, (in my mind), you can grab and wear part of look with you basics easy. If one day I will be able to do so, I will be glad to do so.
My personal favorite collection is 95/96 F/W. Japanese girls look so cool with black smokey.
Exhibition itself is beautiful mix – one part you can watch runaway, another you can TAKE A PIC of look you like. There is looks from different collections, some accessories, mood board and more, so you can get a full experience.
We seen few kids there, but I cant really bring my own, because he is too curious and too small. I also think Undercover is brand for grown ups You’re better have some fashion experience to really enjoy it all.



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