Hey, I wanna do something today, and I wanna do something about NYX.

When I asked Kolya would he like to take some pic’s and we brought some staff from bathroom, I realised how well done NYX conception is. When I keep all my cosmetics together, NYX packaging always feel loose for me, but when I put NYX staff alone on my multitasking table, I feel like “Wow! This is cute, but not too sweet and different pieces looks like family together! I can imagine them in any makeup bag. They will fit, because NYX style is very mild. I mean, I usually pass by Guerlain, and Dior, and all things like that, because I can hardly imagine myself using it – like I’m too young. And can I imagine my mom using Tony Moly? Not really).

About products itself – I got illuminator in shade Narcissistic last summer. I think it work nice for body, not for face. Lipsticks are the best! Staying power is good, they are smooth, and colors are great and unique. I also have “Milk” eyeshadow base. Use it under yellow matte eyeshadow, but never use with other, because it looks very obvious.

That’s it for today, rainy and freezing Tokyo! We’re still locked at home, because of Kolya. Hopefully he will recover soon and we’re continue having fun outside. Thank you for stopping by, my real life friends and the rest of the internet world).






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