russian beauty (finds)

Maybe I was too positive about what’s going on in Russia last post, but Russian cosmetics hit the spot for me. So if you’re planning to visit Russia one day, don’t miss out.

1.Kids stuff: Siberica is well known abroad, and I can recommend their recovery cream for children, if you’re looking for deep moisturiser. One of the best we was ever used. Also can recommend La kri (Ла Кри) brand, love their lip balm (helpful for adults too) and anti rash cream.

2. Mama’s stuff: “Bathhouse grandmother Agafia” in russian “Ban’ka babushki agaf’i” (банька бабушки агафьи) – sorry for translation – is nice affordable body and face care brand. I used my sister’s body scrub for a week (ok) and got clay face mask  (70 rub! with is around 1$ right now). Center piece in my pics today and heaviest thing in my luggage is Mango flavored scrub by Organic shop.

3. Other finds: My friend Anya presented me greek body lotion named “Olivia”. You can easily find it in beauty store like Рив Гош (Rive Gauche). This stuff have 5 stars on Amazon US.

I also got cuticle oil named “Daily wants” at nearest drugstore. This is simply affordable and good for cuticle removing. Made in Latvia.

Makeup wise, I got Sephora liquid lipstick in color Fig (Sephora in Russia) – long lasting, beautiful color, but HARD to apply; then I got Maybelline brow drama, then Essence clear gel for brows and then Bourjous foundation! I was so excited). Also my mother gave me her old-old lipstick Natasha Poly for L’Oreal in Pure red. It happened last minute, so I wore this shade for our 12 hours flight, I know, I know, but I liked this stuff so much.


DSC_0900.JPGDSC_0918here is  Maybelline brow drama, Sephora lipstick in Fig,  Bourjous foundation and Natasha Poly for L’Oreal lipstick in Pure redDSC_0896


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