coffee spot / date spot / 10

I reached 10 finally, 10 coffee spots, and still have some more to write about. Life is good sometimes. We went to Yokohama past weekend. Just walked around, talk, you know, and then found something I’m really excited about – new coffee spot, named Gooz. Actually this place is kind of convenience store, not coffee shop, and you can sit outside only. Here is some pluses – you can buy onigiri or battery. But minus is – during crazy summer or February you won’t be comfortable sit outside. Anyway, here is something I really like, something cozy. Slow, easy life. And I’m not alone, this place is popular.

About coffee: it was most playful place I ever visited! You’ll help yourself by choosing with coffee you’d like (there is a coffee chart from strong to low ect ) and you can mix (here is also description) two different coffees. We did it and result was good.




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