Japanese cosmetic


Let’s face the fact – I live in Japan and use some Japanese stuff regularly. And today I would like to share what I always buy and/or even have a backup.
Here’s my favorites:

Hand cream – work perfectly and very popular, you can easily buy here and there. Price is less then 10$ for sure.

Nail and nail bed cream – amazing, save my life, no kidding. Good deal also – 500 yen or something close.

Deodorant – just always buy! Here in Japan is not easy to find nice local one, especially cos I don’t like aerosols. Price – around 900 yen.

Facial cleanser – super affordable, cost around 400 yen, did job good. This one is mild, Rosette also have soft one – pink tube, and strong one- green tube.

Facial toner -good under eye, really good, remove small lines (temporary, but for that price I like it a lot), plus zero irritation. Cost around 10$.

Lip balm – bought occasionally in the airport before 12 hours flight, still think best balm ever.

Tooth paste – smooth whitening, good for my high sensitive mouth, most expensive here – cost around 15$ I guess.

Few words about back ground of these products – I have very sensitive skin, and first year in Japan I struggled with irritation here and there around my body, so after giving away expensive-but-not-work-for-me stuff I start focusing on drug-store cosmetics, so my disappointment about why nothing work for me here getting lower. Honestly I use only coconut oil for everything last year! Now my skin is better, but I still mostly use something like Weleda or Kiehl’s often,than local brands. Also, if you Russian, I can highly suggest very talented blogger to guide you try Japanese cosmetic paradise.

What else I would like to mention? A shower gel! Hands down very helpful – locks odor perfectly.

I use some other local products, like shampoo or nail polish remover, hair oils and more, but here is my absolute best friends and I would like to introduce them first.




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