coffee goes great with / 1

Since I started make coffee for myself in the morning I figured out some new things coffee goes great with. They are simple, but yet good. And first one is…


Pair hot black coffee with water I think the most simple and beautiful thing.

Coconut oil

I put a pea-sized amount of coconut oil into my coffee, I think every second morning, to add extra flavor. I often rush around kitchen in the morning, my coffee preparation take less than a minute. Open filter pack with ground coffee, pour hot water. Done. (I like “Mon cafe” Mild and Blue mountain.) As you can guess coffee turns out nice, but not perfect, oil help elevate the experience. I basically have my coffee straight and my favorite thick mug help keep it hot, with is also +1 point.


I read about coffee and wild strawberry some time ago in some Russian classic book. Taste of strawberry is a bit sour and coffee is a bit bitter, and they complement each other very well.


Thank you, Starbucks, for this combination.

Black bread with unsalted butter

I’m Russian, don’t ask me how I decided serve bread and butter with coffee, but this is my favorite food+coffee combination.




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