coffee goes great with / 2

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As I mentioned yesterday, butter and bread works so well with coffee, but what if you run out of bread? Just kidding). I read about butter in coffee long-long time ago at Strength Sensei facebook page. I thought he was joking, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. And, after a while, I found this is one of my favorite way to use butter.


Here in Japan we don’t have tons of cheese in the market. I basically buy cheapest Gouda and serve it with my coffee, when I feel extra hungry.

Mitarashi dango

If you have no idea what mitarashi dango is, I’ll tell you – it’s a Japanese salty-sweet rice dessert. And salty snacks compliments coffee so nicely. If you live in Japan and have hard times finding Gouda (true story) – replace freely)!




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