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Do you know about that type of magazines in Japan – around (…) station guide? I feel like I’m actually doing one of them right now). Today I went to Sengawa station for some shopping (I mean kids clothes, new towels for guest that kind of shopping). Surely, I had my hands FULL. But I can’t ignore the fact one of my favorite coffee shops nearby not yet documented!

I have no idea why Keio line is so good to me, having great treat places all over my area. I wrote about Sarutahiko coffee at Sengawa (!) and Rashiku at Chitose-karasuyama before, today let’s see what TRIP coffee stand is.

First of all they have ridiculously cheap lunch (1080 drink and small treat included). Second of all here is no crowd. About coffee, I think I shouldn’t mention that coffee is great! Here is also tons of magazines, books, kids books, kids chairs, great music, smoking not allowed, you can seat outside. I like here).



This is a 東京アートミュージアム , Tokyo Art Museum, almost next door to the Trip coffee.


DSC_0669DSC_0672.JPGDSC_0678.JPGDSC_0685.JPGDSC_0691I never was crazy about Sartorialist, until today I put my hands in his book. Here is a picture of how I would like to looks like at my 50’s.


And here’s how I’m looks like today!) I walk all the way through our countryside, but I swear we really live in Tokyo!




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