coffee spot / 13

I use to love Shinjuku in my “before baby” life, but one you have someone in  the stroller, life is like “well, where is an elevator and nursery room?”. Tokyo is nice to young mothers, and Shinjuku is good example of it. A month or so ago long-term construction around station was over, and we was like “hey! let’s check it out!”, but only today (!) I had a chance to order coffee in new “Blue bottle”. It’s not a date spot at all, but nice way to kill time since 8:00 am, that’s cool. Expect line up with tourists from Korea and China, and super-busy beautiful Japanese ladies. Only today I realized how strong their drip coffee is! I remember that feeling from States. I think I better order Americano there. Have to point, “Blue bottle” have delicious treats also.



Last weekend we tried to get into “Bottle” at 10:50, but line was huge, so we went to sky garden in the top of the building instead. Today I got my coffee at 9:58 (I check time, lol), lined up for around 5 min?, coffee game strong!



Keep rocking my summer coat. Zara shoes are still alive.



As I said “Sky garden”! Not only the name. Keep thinking I may be would like to rent one of these fancy garden bed.



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